What is the difference between **** Fissure/ Fistula and Hemorrhoid?

NeedInfo asked:

I got an abscess which became **** Fistula. I am not understanding is it **** Fistula/ Fissure or Hemorrhoid?

How to know the difference.

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3 Responses to “What is the difference between **** Fissure/ Fistula and Hemorrhoid?”

  1. Youll See says:

    you can find all you need to know at this site.
    the differences, diagnoses and treatments. good luck to you.

  2. suz665 says:

    A ‘rhoid is swelling and inflammation of the blood vessels around your ****. A fistula is a tunnel through tissue.

  3. sharkrolex says:

    Let me define things first. An **** fistula is an abnormal communication or tunnel between your rectum towards your anus, it is commonly caused by an **** abscess, which you said you had. so even though your abcess may have healed, there is now a skin tract or tunnel from your rectum, towards your anus, this tract will stay there until you have surgery done.what is done is usually called a fistulectomy,or fistulotomy. tracts can course either to the front or towards your back.tracts towards the front are straight while tracts towards the back are curved.if it really is a fistula, i recommend you see a surgeon and have an operation done.the tract might get infected and will lead to more pain and suffering on your part, not to mention possible complications.
    An **** fissure on the other hand is simply a nick or wound in your **** area,usually superficial but still painful and very prone to infection.usually it is caused by trauma or passing of hard stools.
    The ano-rectal region has a rich blood supply and veins, these veins sometimes get inflamed, enlarge and form what we call hemorrhoids. though usually seen in pregnant women, men are not spared. there are external hemorrhoids,which are superficial, and internal hemorrhoids which are deeper. hemorrhoids usually present as painful masses which come out during a trip to the toilet. some hemorrhoids go back in by themselves, some don’t. some may bleed, some dont. in any case, a surgical consult is warranted.
    So, what do you have?
    If you feel that you have a superficial wound in your anus, it might be a fissure.
    If there is a small hole beside your **** that may or may have no secretions, it may be an **** fistula.
    If you feel a mass that seems to be attatched to your **** or it seems coming from inside, it may be a hemorrhoid.
    Go see a doctor so that you can get treated before it gets worse.
    i hope this helps.