what would happen if i pop my hemorrhoid with a sterilized pin?

shellybn81 asked:

it ’s really big and hard and feels like it’s going to pop anyway. but it hurts really bad and i just want to get rid of it now. i already tried anti-inflamatories, hot bath, and prescription cream. serious answers only.

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9 Responses to “what would happen if i pop my hemorrhoid with a sterilized pin?”

  1. Michelle S says:

    I honestly don’t think it would help, and would only make things worse. See your doctor. You might need to have surgery to remove it.

  2. starrystarrynight says:

    For a serious answer with serious possibility of injury you need to ask your doctor rather than answers.com.

    Sounds like a bad idea to me! (Both asking here and popping it!)

  3. allenrs321 says:

    please see a doctor.blood viens are close to the surface there and you could bleed to death.I worked in medicine for 8 years and I know what IM talking about so please dont do that.

  4. matador89 says:

    A haemorrhoid is a venous swelling around the **** sphincter area. To stick a sterilised pin in it would likely cause more problems than other methods. The pin would be sterilised until it touched the haemorrhoid and in passing through the surface would take infection in with it. From your description, it appears that the heamorrhoid is external (outside the **** sphincter). You might be advised to consult your doctor or local health centre to enquire if it could be “eased back” inside. If this is done, the pain will ease. Your diet should be such that your stool does not become too dry (constipated) neither too loose ( diarrhoea) both these conditions aggravate the condition.
    In all cases when more medical information is required, you would be advised to consult your doctor
    I add a link with details about this subject

    Hope this helps
    matador 89

  5. transplant mom says:

    Don’t do it.

    It would hurt. You would bleed. The hemmorrhoid would just get worse.

    You need to either see a doctor, or continue the baths and creams and wait for it to resolve.

  6. menysch says:

    Don’t try to touch your hemorrhoid!!! To treat it use Rue Care Oil it makes miracles also in cases where other treatment options have failed (including Prep H)

  7. Tsunami says:

    Plese go see the dctor before you do this. i could really be bad. the thing is you could get infection or worse yet it could just bleed and bleed. there i snothing better then a doctor to help you and do what needs to be done and tell him what is wrong and how it feels they can help rather get into lost of troubel.

  8. Doxycycline says:

    Don’t try to pop it.

    A hemorrhoid is a dilated vein in the rectum. They can either have blood flowing in them or they can have all the blood in them clotted off. Big hard ones are generally clotted off but this isn’t a perfect way of telling.

    So, if you stuck a pin into a hemorrhoid that had blood flowing in it, it would bleed (and bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed – hemorrhoids like to bleed a lot).

    If you stuck a pin into a hemorrhoid that was clotted off – nothing would happen (besides the pain).

    The other reason you don’t want to stick a pin in it is that your pin may be sterilized but the skin over the hemorrhoid certainly is not – you run a risk of infection here.

    Best to see the doctor and tell her what you’ve already tried and ask if surgery might be in order – a variety of outpatient procedures exist to take care of this sort of problem… but they’re definitely not do-it-yourself projects!

  9. keltillos says:

    First, it will bleed. A hemorrhoid is an extruded blood vessel.
    Second, it will become infected. Think it hurts now? Any idea how many bacteria live in the **** region?
    Third, you risk a few unlikely complications–septicemia, foreign body embolus, fat embolus. Two of those can be fatal.
    Fourth…you will end up at the office of a proctologist or in an ER to do something about the bleeding and the hemorrhoid. And since you popped it with a needle, instead of going to the proctologist to handle it, there is one thing that WILL happen that would not have happened if you had not popped it: the medical and nursing staff will make rude jokes about you for weeks.